Tsabong North

Tsabong core-3

The Tsabong North Project is located approximately 100 km north of the town of Tsabong in southwestern Botswana.  The project covers 735 square kilometres and it is 100% owned by Pangolin Diamonds.

The Project is situated on edge of the Archaean Kaapvaal Craton and is just north of the Tsabong kimberlite cluster of more than 80 kimberlites. Many are diamond-bearing including the very large M1 kimberlite.

Pangolin has discovered the Magi* where drilling has recovered “seven” diamonds from a kimberlitic sediment believe to be a re-worked air-fall volcanic tuff representing a crater facies feature.  The diamonds were recovered in drill hole Magi005 (see the magnetic image for drill hole locations).  All drill holes on the image are complete and samples collected from a select number of drill holes are now in the laboratory for diamond recovery (holes Magi004, 006, 007, and 008).

Magi Figure Tsabong


The “three” diamonds were retained on the 0.074mm square mesh sieve and they were recovered from a very small sample (9.68kg) of  fine-grained sandy tuff-sediment in Magi005.  Clearly the system that generated the tuff-sediment is diamond bearing.  Our program is designed to locate the source (we must be close), measure its size and to determine a grade (amount of diamonds).

* the Magi is named after the three wise men; Melchior, Caspar, Balthazar, because the airborne geophysics suggested three targets.  We now see, as result of detailed ground work, only two.

The Tsabong North Project was Pangolin’s qualifying project for its exchange listing. The Project had a 43-101 Report completed by an independent consulting geologist. The report can be downloaded using this link. 43-101 Tsabong Pangolin_Diamonds 2012

Last up dated: 29 May 2015