Dr. Leon Daniels

Dr. Leon Daniels, BSc., BSc. Honours Geology and PhD, President/CEO & Director

Dr. Leon Daniels has extensive diamond exploration and production experience that spans over 35 years. He is the published author of numerous research papers relating to diamonds and associated minerals, and the exploration and development of kimberlites in various areas; many in Africa.

In addition to discovering the Klipfontein kimberlite pipe in South Africa early in his career, Dr. Daniels worked for Falconbridge Exploration, Botswana, evaluating the 180 ha crater facies M1 kimberlite; for Trans Hex Group in Swaziland overseeing the evaluation of the Dokolwayo Diamond Mine; for Roan Selection Trust International in Angola overseeing production of five alluvial mines; and consulted on the evaluation of the River Ranch kimberlite in Zimbabwe. He also discovered the DK4 kimberlite (the only kimberlite in the Orapa kimberlite field not discovered by De Beers); the Mambali kimberlite field in Zimbabwe for Trillion Resources Ltd.; and more recently co-founded African Diamonds Plc (AIM: AFD), which was subsequently acquired by Lucara Diamond Corp. (TSX: LUC), a Lundin Group of companies in 2010, for $100,000,000.

Dr. Daniels first early success was the discovery of the Klipfontein kimberlite pipe in South Africa. He worked for Falconbridge Exploration Botswana evaluating the 180 hectare (445 acres) crater facies M1 Kimberlite; and conducted exploration which led to the discovery of at least three kimberlite fields in the Kalahari Dessert where he monitored exploration and bulk sampling drilling programs. He was part of the management team with Trans Hex Group in Swaziland, where he oversaw the geological evaluation and development of the Dokolwayo Diamond Mine. He was Chief Geologist in Angola for Roan Selection Trust International, where he oversaw production of five alluvial mines, including grade control and predictions, production and mining reconciliations, and monitoring diamond population distribution.

Dr. Daniels worked on the discovery and bulk sampling of a 5 hectare kimberlite diatreme and kimberlite dykes all in Zimbabwe. He was involved in diamond exploration and bulk sampling of kimberlites in Russia; evaluation of alluvial diamond deposits in South Africa; and exploration and development of properties in the Congo, Finland, the Kingdom of Lesotho, Australia, Zambia, Guinea, Mali and Sao Tome. He also has experience in marketing, valuing, processing, negotiating and liaising with surface rights owners and Black Economic Empowerment partners in South Africa.

Dr. Leon Daniels is a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists and the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada.

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