Pangolin Recovers Fifth Diamond from Malatswae Diamond Project, Botswana

  • A soil sample collected in the upwind direction from the MSC Grid yields a positive diamond result. 
  • The diamond was recovered within 550 metres of the centre of aeromagnetic anomaly MX14. 
  • An ilmenite with kimberlite attached was recovered from a soil sample. 
  • The ilmenite has a close spatial association with aeromagnetic anomaly MX01, immediately east of the MSC Grid.

TORONTO, ONTARIO (September 29, 2015) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. (TSX-V: PAN) (the “Company” or “Pangolin”) is pleased to announce it has received positive soil sample results for the Company’s wholly-owned Malatswae Diamond Project (“Malatswae”), located 90 km southeast of the Orapa kimberlite field in Botswana.  Continue reading

Malatswae Diamond Project Up-Date, Botswana

  • Anomalous number of kimberlite indicators found in soil samples
  • Four white diamonds recovered in soil samples from two different areas
  • MSC Grid area being reviewed in advance of the next drilling phase
  • Two additional areas of anomalous concentrations of kimberlite indicators being considered for follow-up exploration

TORONTO, ONTARIO (March 3, 2015) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. (TSX-V: PAN) (the “Company” or “Pangolin”) is pleased to provide an up date for the Company’s wholly owned Malatswae Project in Botswana. Continue reading

Pangolin Discovers a Second Diamond Area Malatswae, Botswana

  • Octahedral diamond recovered in regional soil sample MAL-157;
  • Fourth and largest diamond recovered to date at Malatswae;
  • From a second, separate area within the Malatswae project.

TORONTO, ONTARIO (January 13, 2015) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. (TSX- V: PAN) (the “Company” or “Pangolin”) announces that it has recovered its fourth and largest diamond at the Malatswae project (100% owned).

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Microprobe and Drilling Results from Malatswae, Botswana

  • Picroilmenite microprobes indicate diamond preservation.
  • Gravity and magnetic targets tested with drill holes.

TORONTO, ONTARIO (December 9, 2014) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. (TSX-V: PAN) (the “Company” or “Pangolin”) announces that it has received results from microprobe work on a set of priority kimberlite indicator grains (KIM’s) recovered at the Malatswae project. The Company also completed two drill holes at Malatswae.

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Pangolin Receives Positive In-fill Surface Sampling Results from its Malatswae, Botswana

  • Sample MSCc154 recovered an intact fragment of garnet peridotite;
  • Thirteen indicator minerals from nine additional samples have primary features including friable reaction mantles and possible adhering kimberlite;
  • The grains are from two separate source areas in close proximity to the previously reported diamonds; and
  • All indicator minerals exhibit features consistent with a proximal host rock such as kimberlite.

TORONTO, ONTARIO (November 7, 2014) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. (TSX-V: PAN) (the “Company” or “Pangolin”) announces that it has received results from the Company’s recently completed detailed surface sampling program at its wholly owned Malatswae Project in Botswana, showing the recovery of additional kimberlite indicator minerals. Continue reading

Pangolin Reports Diamond Results from its Magi and SWS21 Targets , Botswana


• Four diamonds recovered from Magi-008 drill core;
• A total of 7 diamonds have now been recovered from Magi target;
• High-pressure mantle derived garnet, ilmenite and olivine have previously been recovered from Magi drill core; and
• Ground geophysical surveys to define drilling target below crater material will follow.

TORONTO, ONTARIO (September 25, 2014) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. (TSX-V: PAN) (the “Company” or “Pangolin”) announces the receipt of the results of diamond recovery analysis for Tsabong North (the Magi target) and Mmadinare (SWS21 Intrusive target) projects in Botswana. Both projects are 100% owned by Pangolin.

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Pangolin Recovers Additional Diamonds on the Malatswae Project, Botswana

  • Follow-up detailed soil sampling recovers two additional diamonds;
  • The diamonds are undergoing SEM observation to aid in characterizing their distance from source;
  • Detailed trace element analysis of each sample coupled with indicator minerals also recovered in the samples will be used to further refine targets in the immediate vicinity.

TORONTO, ONTARIO (September 11, 2014) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. (TSX-V:PAN) (the “Company” or “Pangolin”) announces that it has recovered two additional diamonds on its wholly owned Malatswae Project in east-central Botswana. Samples MSCd067B and MCDd095A, collected during a close-spaced follow-up sampling program of an earlier macro-diamond discovery (see Pangolin’s news release of 22 July 2014) contained diamond. Each 20kg sample was collected on a 200m x 200m grid in an area of approximately three square kilometres. In total 244 samples were collected; two at each station. A number of samples also reported ilmenite; a common kimberlite indicator mineral. Continue reading

Pangolin Recovers Mantle Indicator Minerals from Magi Kimberlite Drill Core, Botswana

– Mantle-derived grains recovered from sandy tuffs at 44 to 58 meters depth at Magi 001
– Garnets include high-pressure G9 pyrope from diamond-stability field
– Other garnets classified as G3, G5 and G11 by an independent laboratory

– Chromite compositions from garnet lherzolite are also present

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Feb. 25, 2014) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp.
(the “Company” or “Pangolin”) (TSX VENTURE:PAN)announcesit has recovered mantle- derived indicator minerals from the Magi kimberlite from drill hole Magi-001, at its 100%-owned Tsabong North Project in Botswana. Continue reading

Pangolin Diamonds Discovers One of the World’s Largest Kimberlites

  • Geophysical modeling suggests the Magi-Kimberlite at Pangolin’s Tsabong North Project in Botswana is a 270 hectare (2.7 km2) pipe
  • Drilling intersects the kimberlite across 1,200 metres at an average 35 metres below surface
  • New findings build on earlier discoveries at the same site: High pressure garnet indicators have previously been recovered 14 metres above the Magi-Kimberlite
  • Two new kimberlite drill targets in Tsabong North, both more than 170 hectares (1.7 km2), have been identified by the geophysical modeling Continue reading