Pangolin Finds First Diamond at Jwaneng South Diamond Project, Botswana, and Completes Groundmagnetic Survey over AK 10 Kimberlite.

  • The first diamond in the Jwaneng South Diamond Project has been recovered from a soil sample.
  • Indications are that the diamond is close to source.
  • The diamond was recovered from a third phase soil sample grid.
  • A groundmagnetic survey has been completed in the area where the diamond has been found.
  • A groundmagnetic anomaly is spatially associated with the diamond positive sample.
  • A detailed groundmagnetic survey has been completed over the Orapa AK 10 diamondiferous kimberlite pipe.

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Pangolin Receives Positive Kimberlite Indicator Analyses for Malatswae Diamond Project, Botswana

  • Laboratory reports an abundance of positive kimberlitic ilmenites from soil samples
  • Kimberlitic ilmenites from the Malatswae Diamond Project are distinctly different to ilmenites from the Orapa AK1 Diamond Mine confirming separate source area
  • Clinopyroxenes of both eclogitic and peridotitic paragenesis from the earth’s mantle present in samples
  • Primary surface textures on numerous indicator minerals and clinopyroxenes indicative of proximal source.
  • Close geographical association between anomalously positive samples and previous selected high priority aeromagnetic targets currently being followed up with detailed ground surveys and additional soil sampling.

TORONTO, ONTARIO (July 14, 2015) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. (TSX-V: PAN) (the “Company” or “Pangolin”) is pleased to announce it has received positive kimberlite indicator mineral analyses for the Company’s wholly-owned Malatswae Diamond Project (“Malatswae”), located 90 km southeast of the world class Orapa Diamond Mine in Botswana.  Continue reading