Pangolin Finds First Diamond at Jwaneng South Diamond Project, Botswana, and Completes Groundmagnetic Survey over AK 10 Kimberlite.

  • The first diamond in the Jwaneng South Diamond Project has been recovered from a soil sample.
  • Indications are that the diamond is close to source.
  • The diamond was recovered from a third phase soil sample grid.
  • A groundmagnetic survey has been completed in the area where the diamond has been found.
  • A groundmagnetic anomaly is spatially associated with the diamond positive sample.
  • A detailed groundmagnetic survey has been completed over the Orapa AK 10 diamondiferous kimberlite pipe.

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Pangolin Discovers Volcanic Intrusion With Diamond-Inclusion Type Ilmenites at its Mmadinare Project, Botswana

  • Manganese-rich diamond-inclusion type ilmenites, known to be associated with diamondiferous kimberlites and diamonds.
  • Discovered volcanic intrusion believed to be a kimberlite.
  • Trace element chemistry identical to diamondiferous kimberlites in the Jwaneng area, Botswana.
  • Multiple diamond-inclusion type ilmenites also recovered from exploration soil samples in the Mmadinare Project. Continue reading