Pangolin Diamonds Provides Exploration Update New Targets Identified

TORONTO, ONTARIO (January 28, 2020) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. (TSX-V: PAN) (“the Company” or “Pangolin”) wishes to update shareholders on recent activities at its exploration projects in the Republic of Botswana.

New Targets Identified

 Ongoing fieldwork covering a broad extent of Pangolin’s licenses recently identified numerous potential targets outside the Malatswae Project Area. Among these is a potentially large chromite anomaly in addition to other geophysical targets. All newly identified targets are being assessed and developed toward “drill-ready” status in parallel with targets falling within the Malatswae Project Area. Continue reading

Pangolin Reports Type II diamond from MSC Grid, Malatswae Diamond Project, Botswana

  • One of seven diamonds from the MSC Grid is a Type II diamond 
  • The Type II diamond is associated with three Type I ab diamonds in an area of 0.32km2 
  • The Type II diamond is also associated with ilmenites with reaction rims, a mantle xenolith fragment and fresh angular olivine, all indicative of a proximal source 
  • Drilling for kimberlite within the MSC Grid will take place in second half of 2016 

TORONTO, ONTARIO (May 16, 2016) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. (TSX-V: PAN) (the “Company” or “Pangolin”) is pleased to report that one of seven diamonds analysed from the MSC Grid in Botswana is a Type II nitrogen-free diamond. Approximately 2% of the world’s diamonds are classified as Type II diamonds.

Type II diamonds are often associated with the presence of large diamonds, for example the 813 carat and 1109 carat diamonds produced from the Karowe Mine by Lucara Diamonds are both Type II diamonds.  The Karowe Mine is approximately 105 kilometres northwest from the MSC Grid area. Continue reading

Pangolin Recovers Additional Diamonds from Malatswae Diamond Project, Botswana

  • Additional diamonds are reported from two soil samples
  • A total of seven soil samples have produced diamonds in the Malatswae Project area 
  • Six of the diamonds are of good colour, one is brown. 
  • The fragile nature of some of the diamonds indicate proximity to source.

TORONTO, ONTARIO (November 17, 2015) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. (TSX-V: PAN) (the “Company” or “Pangolin”) is pleased to announce it has received positive soil sample results for the Company’s wholly-owned Malatswae Diamond Project (“Malatswae”), located 90 km southeast of the Orapa kimberlite field in Botswana.  Continue reading

Malatswae Diamond Project Up-Date, Botswana

  • Anomalous number of kimberlite indicators found in soil samples
  • Four white diamonds recovered in soil samples from two different areas
  • MSC Grid area being reviewed in advance of the next drilling phase
  • Two additional areas of anomalous concentrations of kimberlite indicators being considered for follow-up exploration

TORONTO, ONTARIO (March 3, 2015) – Pangolin Diamonds Corp. (TSX-V: PAN) (the “Company” or “Pangolin”) is pleased to provide an up date for the Company’s wholly owned Malatswae Project in Botswana. Continue reading