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Our investors understand risk and Pangolin appreciates that there are many competitors out there chasing the same pool of funds. Your trust in Pangolin is taken seriously; we strive to mitigate risk in all parts of our performance. Pangolin’s objective is to be transparent, respectful and ethically responsible to our investors while acting within the constraints of our professions and the regulatory environment in which we operate.


About Botswana

Diamond mining in Botswana Botswana is the largest diamond producing country in the world by value, supplying approximately 21% of global rough diamond production. It is the location of the world’s two largest diamond mines; Jwaneng and Orapa, both operated by Debswana as well as four shareholder owned diamond mines – Gem Diamonds, Firestone, Lucara and Kimberley Diamonds. … Continue reading About Botswana

About Diamonds

Diamonds are Pangolin’s best friend! They are the hardest naturally occurring material and originate several hundred kilometres below surface in the earth’s mantle. Diamonds reach the surface as a “foreign objects” (known as xenocrysts) carried in the kimberlite magma; as the magma traverses the mantle it “collects” diamonds and carries them to surface. The weight of … Continue reading About Diamonds

About Pangolin

Common shares outstanding:  100,727,075 Options outstanding:                   7,275,000 Warrants outstanding:               35,947,315 Financial Year End:                        30 June CUSIP Number:                           … Continue reading About Pangolin